Homeowners may now purchase trees from the same Tree Farm as area Landscapers and Nurseries. Since we are the Farm, when you come here to select your tree, you know it’s grown here and adapted perfectly to our climate, not shipped in from some far-away Corporate Farm. This saves you money on freight as well as the middleman mark-up for overhead and their profit, and it keeps the money in the community! With many years of experience on all types of Residential and Commercial Landscape Construction projects, I know which trees grow best in the area and how to grow them, these are the trees we provide. We start our trees from acorns, seeds, or seedlings, to grow the trees you see here today.


LAWNS Tree Farm and Leander Area Wholesale Nursery Supply was started in 1985 to supply the needs of my Retail Garden Center in Cedar Park till 1991. Through those years and till now we’ve been involved in Tree and Shrub production for our own nursery as well as other Retail Nurseries, Re-Wholesalers, and Landscapers in the Central Texas area. We’ve propagated and grown over 40 varieties of plants at one time, and contract grown large numbers of specific plants for landscape projects around Austin.




Our trees are grown using Pine Bark char-mulch as our base material, re-purposed from the 2011 Bastrop Fires, one of the latest “discoveries” for growing great trees. We then add organic nutrition, 11 species of Endo and Ecto Mycorrhizal Fungi for enhanced root development, micro-nutrients and major nutritional elements to the Pine Bark char-mulch, plus various secret ingredients customized for each species requirements. We then blend all these ingredients in our big 2 Cu. Yd. Soil Mixer. What comes out is the finest planting mix we’ve been developing over the last 40 years, specific to the plant we’re growing. What you get is a vigorously growing tree that will only go uphill when properly established by you, as there is no root damage caused by transplanting it from a container to your Landscape.



For 2024 we strive to carry most of our trees in 3 gallon,15 gallon, 30 gallon, 45 gallon, 65 gallon all the way to 95-gallon containers.  Check my SHOP page for current availability and pricing but remember quantities can change at a moment’s notice. Please feel free to call or text us with your specific needs.


We do offer delivery and installation of our Trees. Feel free to ask for a quote.




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