Celebrate Summer with Savings at LAWNS Tree Farm’s Tree Sale!

A vibrant image showcasing a variety of lush, mature trees in a picturesque landscape, with vibrant green foliage and blue skies in the background. The trees stand tall and majestic, casting dappled shadows on the ground below. In the foreground, a sign reads "LAWNS Tree Farm Summer Tree Sale" in bold, inviting lettering, against a backdrop of verdant foliage.

Celebrate Summer with Savings at LAWNS Tree Farm’s Tree Sale!

Welcome, landscaping enthusiasts and nature admirers! Are you ready to elevate your outdoor space with vibrant foliage and picturesque scenery? Look no further than LAWNS Tree Farm’s exciting Summer Tree Sale! From today until the end of the month, immerse yourself in incredible deals on a variety of trees, transforming your landscape dreams into reality.

At LAWNS Tree Farm, we understand the significance of curating a lush and inviting outdoor environment tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re seeking shade, privacy, wildlife attraction, or pure aesthetic beauty, our extensive selection of trees caters to your every need.

Here’s what you can expect from our Summer Tree Sale:

1. Unbeatable Discounts: Dive into exclusive savings on our premium 95-gallon trees priced at $1600, which includes delivery, professional installation, and a warranty for your peace of mind. Choose from a diverse range of native species, ornamentals, shade trees, privacy trees, and more, all at prices designed to fit your budget.

2. Expert Guidance: Unsure which trees suit your property best or how to care for them post-planting? Our team of seasoned tree enthusiasts is here to assist! Benefit from personalized recommendations tailored to your specific requirements, along with invaluable tips on tree selection, planting techniques, and long-term maintenance for sustained growth and vitality.

3. Quality Assurance: At LAWNS Tree Farm, excellence is our standard. Rest assured, each tree in our inventory undergoes meticulous care and nurturing to ensure optimal health and resilience in your landscape. With our commitment to top-quality trees, your investment is guaranteed to yield lasting beauty and enjoyment for years to come.

4. Community Engagement: As a locally owned tree farm, we take pride in fostering community connections and promoting environmental stewardship. By choosing LAWNS Tree Farm for your tree needs, you not only enhance your property but also contribute to the preservation of our natural heritage for future generations.

But wait, there’s more! Take advantage of our additional offer: enjoy a generous 25% discount on all sizes of Nellie R. Stevens trees, adding elegance and charm to your landscape with this beloved variety.

Ready to seize the opportunity and revitalize your outdoor sanctuary? Visit us today at 400 Honeycomb Mesa, Leander, TX 78641 to explore our extensive tree collection and capitalize on our irresistible Summer Tree Sale. Don’t delay—this limited-time offer is too good to miss!

Join us in celebrating summer and embarking on a journey of landscape transformation with LAWNS Tree Farm’s Summer Tree Sale. Let’s make your outdoor vision a reality, one tree at a time!

Happy planting!

LAWNS Tree Farm

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