Chinese Pistache (Pistacia Chinensis)

Chinese Pistache (Pistacia Chinensis)


If you want a tree that provides dappled summer shade and gorgeous fall color, Chinese Pistache (Pistacia Chinensis), does all of this and so much more. Sometimes known as the “Ugly Duckling” tree, this tree is actually highly regarded as one of the most beautiful, pest free and easily maintained shade trees on the market today. Chinese Pistache is a very hardy tree that grows in about any soil condition, from hard scrabble soil at new-build construction sites, urban neighborhoods in sidewalk tree rings, and near walks and drives as it has deep roots that won’t lift the concrete. It handles drought and poor soil very well. The only places it struggles to perform are in shady locations and clay/wet soils as it needs good drainage. If you choose your site well, Chinese Pistache will reward you with bright green summer leaves that turn stunning and dramatic shades of orange and red in the fall. If there is a pollinator nearby, it will give you tons of brilliant red berries that turn deep purple over the winter. Chinese Pistache berries are not sate for human consumption, but the birds go crazy for them and are a great food source when food is scarce in the coldest months.

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