Lacey Oak (Quercus laceyi)

Lacey Oak (Quercus laceyi)


This small to mid-sized, deciduous tree with a moderate growth rate, grows 30 to 35 feet tall and wide on a stout gray bark trunk with a dense crown of bluish foliage. Lacey Oaks are rarely bothered by insects or disease. It has strong erect spreading branches and in nature can have multiple trunks. Also known as a Blue Oak, its visually distinctive from any other varieties of Oaks growing in the area with it’s irregular shaped crown. It loves the well drained limestone soils of the Edwards Plateau and Central Texas, where it can be found growing on canyon slopes in the area. Because of it’s small to medium size, it makes a good specimen tree for a small lawn or patio shade tree.

We will have 30 and 45 gallon sizes available summer of 2021

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