Mexican Sycamore (Platanus mexicana)

Mexican Sycamore (Platanus mexicana)


Mexican Sycamore” has been introduced to Texas landscapes over the past decade. Its higher resistance to bacterial leaf scorch makes it a superior choice to the American sycamore. In addition, it prefers alkaline soils and is generally insect- and disease-free. Mexican Sycamore are more drought tolerant than American Sycamore and hold their leaves later into the Fall. Speaking of leaves, it has large maple shaped bright green leaves with a soft white fuzzy underside. It grows about 50 feet tall and 30 to 40 feet wide. As its name implies, this rapidly growing deciduous tree is native to central and northeastern Mexico. It has exceptionally large, beautiful, maple-shaped bright green leaves, with soft­, white, fuzzy undersides. Another stunning quality about this tree is its white trunk with peeling bark. It’s a living work of art that gets more beautiful and intricate with age. Once established they are very drought tolerant, but like any tree they will perform much better with some supplemental water for the first few years, and in periods of drought. It also performs well in wet soils.

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